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The Problem

With remote work here to stay and organizations looking to better promote health and safety for their employees, the COVID pandemic has forever changed the workplace. The quarantine and self-isolation have a huge impact on the teams, their integrity, and morale. Organizations are looking for ways to bring back the laugh and the fun in the office.

My Role

  • Develop the UX Architecture.
  • Create wireframes, and user flows for features.
  • Define the experience across all supported devices and platforms.
  • Visual Design.
  • Define, standardize and document UX, visual design, and brand guidelines.
  • Set design targets and manage a team of designers to achieve those targets.
  • Work with the product team to refine the requirements, validate hypotheses, clear doubts.
  • Keep stakeholders and product managers up to date.


  • Keep secure records of testing and vaccination.
  • Shorten the connection between the HR department and the employee.
  • Develop user-friendly, clear, and easily readable statuses that present whether the employee is OK to report to work today or not. The algorithm is based on the CDC guidelines. All calculations are made behind the scene and summarized in the two simple statuses: OK and NOK.
  • Deliver a holistic, valuable, and user-centric experience which guides employees or students to their outcomes.

The Process


Initial Research

Gather insights on user goals, needs, pain points, behaviors, define user profiles, and explore industry trends.

  • User Personas.
  • Affinity map.
  • Journey map.
  • Study users – their behavior and habits.

Ideate & Design

Creating low and high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes using different handy tools such as pen and paper, pen tabled, Figma.

  • Sketching and ideation.
  • Information architecture.
  • Low and high fidelity mockups.
  • Visual Design.
  • Prototyping.

Test & Validate

Facilitate usability testing to gather user feedback and refine the users’ experience.

  • Evaluate design effectiveness.
  • Fix any pain points
    Identify optimisation opportunities.
  • Understand how users actually use the product.

Pre-flight check

Work on relevant documentations. I conducted a quick check to make sure everything is according to the design before QA starts testing.

  • Preparing documentation.
  • Check feasibility with devs.
  • QA-ing the design implementation.

Info Architecture

Ideation & Wireframes

Let's see the key screens

Lintelio provides a really powerful and handy admin panel so the HR representative can easily manage system modules including communication, documents, reports, benefits, etc.

Only what the user needs

Instead of guessing we give freedom. The companies that use can easily pick and enable only the modules that fit their needs. With a single click, the HR representative turn on/off the desired modules.

Admin Portal

List with all employees and their current status.

System modules management

Admin send alert to certain group of employees

Plan management

Employee application

The frontend app is organized to help employees manage their communication with the HR department. From self-reporting to browsing and using company benefits. is employee’s handy assistant in your pocket.

Daily COVID Screening for Everyone offers daily COVID screening and telephonic nurse triage guidance for COVID-19 symptoms and exposures for everyone who enters your workplace (employees, visitors, and customers), to help companies maintain a healthy work environment.

Self Reporting

Could it be COVID or just allergies? Let nurses provide proper guidance. This service is available to your employees only.

Report results to your HR department, while staying compliant and protecting user information.

Key Frontend Screens

Screen is a web-based solution – users can access the screening via any device with an internet browser

Group 1231

Covid-19 Screening Module

Daily COVID screening and telephonic nurse triage guidance for COVID-19 symptoms

Group 1234


Close connection between the HR department and employees supported by thread based messaging.

Group 1233 (1)

Flexible UI

Rearange the modules to have easier access to the most used functionalities

Thank you!